Fiona Jackson



Fiona was elected to the Board of Trustees in the recent election.

Personal Statement:
I’ve been a Barton Rural school parent for the past 6 years, since Leo started in year 0, and now Zoe is in Room 3.  Paul and I moved with the kids to Timaru in 2015 so that we could live closer to their grandparents.  

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Barton, joining the Home and School in our second year at school so that I could become more involved.  I then chaired the committee in 2018 and played a significant role in the delivery of Spring Fair that year.  I’m now involved again in this year’s fair, helping out by raising awareness of the Fair on social media.

I put my hand up to become a member of the Board of Trustees to work from the inside to ensure our school continues to offer the best possible opportunities for our children to progress and achieve.  I believe all children should have the opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment, giving them a chance to boost their creativity and imagination, develop critical thinking skills and expose them to new ideas.

I was pleased to hear there had been enough nominations for a vote to be held – this is great for the school community as they have an opportunity to select members they believe can truly represent them and progress the interests of the school and students.  I would like to express my support for the current seat holders who are re-standing, and give thanks to recent and past members who have gotten us to this point.

My work experience has ranged from Government to Non-Profit organisations.  I currently work at Presbyterian Support South Canterbury as Refugee Settlement Manager, which has been a very rewarding job for the past two and half years since establishing this service as a new role in Timaru.  Previously, I worked at the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, supporting local business members.  Before moving to Timaru I worked with the Australian Government for 14 years, in both Australia and overseas managing immigration offices.  I have extensive experience in reading and applying legislation and policy guidelines.  I can produce decent written reports and enjoy working in a team with a common goal, having a smile along the way.

We succeed together - Ki te kāpuia e kore e whati