Room 5

Room 5


Room 5 is welcoming with our friendliness and get along well with our classmates. Room 5 is a place where you get treated with respect and warmth. Mrs Benson our teacher encourages us to do our best in everything we do. 

Mrs Benson makes us work to do the best top quality work. Room 5 is a great place to work in and has a great personality. We take pride in our work.

We get rewards for the awesome work we do. We are really enthusiastic and really enjoy swimming, sports and hanging out. We all wear a smile and include others

Room 5 has been doing plenty of work around HEART and the 4 C’s – Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

We have 29 students in the class, 10 Yr 5’s and 19 yr 6’s. 

 Term 1 2018  - HEART of a Team

Term 1 is all about the team. We are both looking at how we interact with others and work together, but also taking the time to study the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Term 2 2018 - HEART of an Inventor

In Term 2 we are looking at local inventors who have changed the world like Richard Pearse (flying), Colin Murdoch (syringe), and Bill Hamilton (Hamilton Jet Boat).

Term 3 - HEART of an ARTIST

Term 3 is the creative term - lots of different types of visual art. Paper Mache, pencil, paint, photographs! Plenty of mess but lots of fun. And how does maths go with art?

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