Transition to School

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When do I start school?

Most children start school at 5 although in New Zealand you do not legally have to start school until you are 6.

When should I be enrolled at school?

For school planning it is easiest (and best for your child) if you enrol at least one year before starting school although you do not have to pre enrol at all.

When do my school visits start?

Your child will have 2 school visits prior to starting school.  These take place on a Tuesday. 

In addition to these visits, Mrs Bruin will visit your child at their preschool/kindy to see them in different environment - children love this and often behave in a more natural manner and you and your child will be invited to our Acorn's Group (see more detail below).  

Our Acorns Group is a very informal cup of coffee and chat to meet other parents of children starting around the same time and is held each term for new families.  Mrs Bruin will contact you regarding the dates for these. 

So, in various formats, your child will have 4 school visits before starting.

What should I wear to school when I am visiting and what else should I take?

Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothes to play in – leave the school uniform for their first day as this adds to the specialness of the day. Comfortable shoes are preferred; we suggest that children wear sports shoes. The velcrostrap shoes are great as often children can manage these themselves.

Food - bring a small amount of food that could be eaten in the morning. We suggest a muffin, small sandwich or fruit. Packaged foods are not always the best. Tamariki often need to graze upon their snack food during the day.

When your child starts school they must wear the school uniform every day. During Terms 1 and 4 they will need to wear a sunhat whenever they are outside. Many of our tamariki have their name embroided on the brim. We recommend bringing togs to school during the summer as we try to swim every day.

What books do I need?

A stationery list will be given to you by your child's teacher or is available at the school office. Any extra items may be purchased at the office with the cost of this being put onto your school account.

What happens when I am ready to go on the bus?

EVERYONE who goes on the bus MUST wear a bus vest. There are some spare vests that we can give you. Check with the office about which bus you will be on. We will try to give you a bus buddy when you first go on the bus. We suggest that one way is the best way to start; This may be the morning route as we are often less tired or could be the shortest route.