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Wearable Arts 2014

On Friday the 26th June our House Group Challenge was a Wearable Arts Competition. It was up the each House Group to create a piece that represented a country that was significant to a member of their House Group. Check out how the day went..


Teaching Staff

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and are always one step ahead.

  • Anna Miller-Principal


    Mrs Anna Miller

  • room3-mrs-coulter

    Deputy Principal

    Mrs Kate Coulter

  • room1

    Room 1

    Miss Clair Richmond

  • room2

    Room 2

    Mrs Ruth Gardiner

  • room3-mrs-coulter

    Room 3

    Mrs Coulter

  • Mrs Hurley

    Room 4

    Mrs Hurley

  • room5-hayden

    Room 5

    Mr Hayden Inkster

  • Miss Fraser

    Room 6

    Miss Alex Fraser

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