Our Principles/ Fundamentals of Learning

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The Library is a fabulous environment which supports our students in developing key competencies across all learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. To achieve this goal, it purchases, provides access to, and curates, a wide range of high quality, up-to-date resources – digital, audio-visual and print. The Library also strives to meet the reading needs and interests of students who range in age, ability and cultural background.

The Library is pivotal to Barton’s strong school wide reading culture: creating, inspiring and supporting readers.

Senior students can apply for librarian positions and then work in the library during break times. Librarians work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold librarian badges. What great quality librarians we will have.

Rod Hurley is our very dedicated Librarian. She looks after all the book resources in the school, including teaching resources, scholastic book orders and the library.