School Reporting

The National Standards are a government tool to work towards raising standards in education.
We agree that raising the standard of education is a great thing. Actually these have been around since the mid 1990s.

Our school culture is formed around communcation and sharing - the triangle of home, school and child.

ALL learning should be talked about with the student at the centre. Children are taught how to talk about their learning. Knowing what the pathway is and how to get there.

We have no problems with the National Standards = it does however become a problem is they are used in a judgemental orsummative manner.

At BRS our chldren perform very highly against the NS - 90% of our children are at or above the standard in Reading. This simple statistic does not show growth over time, where the child started at or the effort that has been put in.
The National Standards should never be a tool by which to evaluate a school's effectiveness - for this you need to talk to us about YOUR child.

We believe in 'no surprise' reporting - being open and honest with our whanau.
Reporting is only one tool by which we provide feedback to our community about learning.
Our formal reports include student voice so the children have direct input into the writing of their reports - it is their report, about their learning after all.

We are very proud of our learning at BRS - talk to our kids - they will be able to tell you what they are learning, what are their goals and how they are going to meet these.
We are all learners; our staff share with our students what they themselves are learning.