Home and School

The Home and School at Barton Rural is about bringing the Home and the School together. 
As with any Home and School we organise fundraising to support our children by raising money for the things at school that are the icing on the cake. Things that the Ministry of Education doesn’t fund school for. 
We have a hard working group of busy parents who are energetic, and motivated with lots of different ideas for raising funds. We have short meetings usually an hour long every first Tuesday of every month. We love having new faces at our meetings and look forward to any new ideas parents have, whether it be fundraising or social gatherings.

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Board of Trustees

Barton Rural School is proudly governed by a Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees meeting are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month in the staffroom. They normally begin at 7:00pm.

The Board may report to their community in the following ways:

  •  In the weekly Barton Rural School Newsletter
  • When necessary, consultation documents are circulated for parents and the School community to make submissions.
  • Smile All reports are available to read on the Community notice board in the School Office.

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